Sunday Morning Worship Celebration at 10am

(Our services and activities suspended until we are through this health emergency and the Shelter-in-Place order has been lifted.  Services and meditations are available online. 

Stay safe and healthy.

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Located in beautiful Pacific Grove, First United Methodist Church offers all who walk through our doors a place of comfort, hope, love, and a peace of mind. We are dedicated to sharing the teachings of Jesus Christ, and our goal is to inspire you through the music and word of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We are welcoming to all and invite you to join us and be a part of our growing family of faith.  We look forward to meeting you!


First United Methodist Church has been actively involved with the greater Pacific Grove community since 1875 when we began as a Methodist retreat center and helped found our beloved city of Pacific Grove. Here are a few things that are happening around our campus and community.

Praying Together

We are closed until the Shelter-in-place order has been lifted





"Community of faith is one of reliable relationships"



915 Sunset Dr, Pacific Grove, CA 93950      Sunday Morning Worship at 10:00am


831-372-2020 (fax)


All Worship Services and other activities

have been suspended until 

the Shelter-in-place order has been lifted

and we have approval from our UMC Conference Staff.


Online Worship Services are available 

Sunday Mornings at 10:00am PDT

A live feed on our FaceBook Page - Click Here

Video of our service is available on our YouTube Page - Click Here

after 3:00pm on Sundays

Join us!!

On Sunday, June 7, 2020 at 10:00am PDT

First United Methodist Church of Pacific Grove

will host a special Drive-In Worship Service

in our upper parking lot.

This is a special service as it is the final service with our current pastor, Rev. Audrey Ward.  Audrey will be retiring and moving to her new home in the Napa Valley, CA

Those who can please join us in the upper parking lot for a drive-in worship.

The lower lots will be blocked off and we ask that you enter one of the driveways into the upper parking lot off Sunset Drive where you will be met by parking lot ushers to help guide you to your parking spot.

Please tune your radio to 97.1


(as set by our UMC District, Monterey County, and the State of CA)


These guidelines are set specifically to permit drive-in worship

please read them completely and help keep our family of faith

safe and healthy by following all of them.


  • Each vehicle is limited to only household members (NO carpooling).


  • Vehicles will be parked with at least 6 feet (one parking space) between vehicles - There will be parking lot ushers to instruct you where to park so that we can get the most people safely into our parking lot.


  • Windows are to be kept completely closed, if possible - If necessary, windows may be opened a quarter of the way and you must wear a mask or face covering if your windows are open at all.


  • All people MUST remain in their vehicles.


  • ONLY those volunteers conducting the service may be outside of vehicles and they MUST wear masks and maintain appropriate social distancing.


  • The bulletin for the service can be found by clicking this link - BULLETIN
    Please print the bulletin at home and bring it with you. There will not be any printed materials available on Sunday morning.


  • Sunday will be Communion but for safety reasons the elements will not be distributed, please bring your own Communion elements.


  • NO restrooms will be available for anyone.

After worship, the parking lot ushers will direct you (please follow their lead)

as we form a drive-by parade to say farewell to Pastor Audrey.

(This will take time to happen, please stay patient through this process.)

There will be a basket to place your cards or gifts.

Social distancing and safety will be maintained.

We will also be live feeding our worship services

on our Facebook page Sunday morning at 10:00am (PDT)

with Linda's beautiful pre-service music beginning about 9:50am (PDT)

if you are unable to join us for the drive-in service.


Here are the links to our Facebook page and our YouTube page, where a video of the service will be posted later in the day, usually by 4:00pm (PDT).


Thank you for your patience and understanding!


915 Sunset Dr, Pacific Grove, CA 93950      Sunday Morning Worship at 10:00am

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